okay for one, this whole no swearing thingy on the journals rule is making a lot of sense. swearing is like a tasteless habit and we'd all be a lot better without them. swearing is rude, dirty, and classless. i cant even go into how many times my eyes have bled reading the works of Malfoy, and Shawn, and Ron Weasley's f-this and f-that and bloody-my-thingy.

there is a far better way to express oneself w/o the use of swear words. when someone calls me a "bitch" i cant take it seriously because it can mean many things. now, if someone were to say my hair was ugly, or my nail color didnt match my outfit, or i was being conceited, or snobbing your opinions because they were different than mine, well then yeah i can take you seriously because i have a better grasp on what it is you are sooo pissed about.
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atten-sion my lovely classmates. Preliminary interviews will be conducted now and those who make it to our study group will be announced the first morning of the first day back in school. During Easter break, Lavender Brown and I will deliberate our final choices.

This is very crucial, classmates. While Lavender Brown and I have grown some outrageous personality reputations since our first days at Hogwarts, you must admit our grades are pretty stellar in almost all the fields we have taken an interest in. Contrary to what the judgemental Blaise Zabini has to say about me, I am the fifth person in rank to the class honors. I am an excellent student with strict study habits. I needn't carry on my brain Whiley Wittaker's Floating Theories 24/7 to prove it, which I, by the way, have my own opinions to but find it boring to share.
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Criteria to be in mine and Lavvy's study group:

1) must have no skin or hair problems
2) must have complete set of notes
3) are indepedent to study your share instead of mooching off of us
4) cannot have had any previous strained relationships w/ us
5) one who doesnt owe us no money, food, clothing, or magazines
6) no one w/ emotional problems who needs girl friends to discuss your exboyfriend
7) no snobs
8) no dramatic ppl
9) no one that has a crush on us
10) no exboyfriends, exflings, or exfriends
11) is in no remedial classes
12) good academic reputation
13) good personality reputation
14) is willing to bring snacks
15) will not bring their pets to the study group

Did I get it all?
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You guys remember in 2nd year when Prof. Lockhart got those ugly midgets to play Cupid? Why couldnt he be the one to have dressed up in a sheet? *rawr*

This Valentine's is like Christmas to me. Last year, I had a basket with candy to distribute but I heard so many girls complain about cavities so I handed out long-stemmed red roses instead. =) Much love from me!! The boys were so surprised when I gave them flowers but Dean appreciated it all the more, hugging me. Aw.

See, so many single girls bitch about this holiday that they're lonely and hate seeing couples but love is for EVERYONE and not just a significant other! =) I didnt find my hot date like I wanted but I was waaaaaay too busy preparing my pretty basket of flowers. I liked Prof. Mcgonagall's reaction best. She was kind of surprised by the gesture and then patted my back gently in a hug. She has very soft skin. I um... just left Snape's on his door handle.
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Valentine's Day Yay!!

I just loooove this holiday so much more above everything else. The couples, the candy, love articles in magazines, colors, romance novel sales, sweet cards, and stars in your eyes.

Now I dont have a valentine yet but dagnabbit I will find one and he better be some hot stuff because this is my last Hogwarts year and school dance so I need good memory. I will play cool, casual, and uninterested and hopefully that will attract those who like the playing-hard-get.
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no way!


OH. MY. GOSH! I failed the first test of Psychoanalytics in Divination - how is that possible!? I have a perfect conception of the human mind. Especially that of my peers?? Hello, people are my strongest points. Just how many times have I been dead-on about the personality disorders of our classmates? For the first time in my Hogwarts life, I think Trelawney is a loon.

ho hum

So like, I dont know what has been going on around here. Since school started again, Ive been sooo wrapped up in getting my last credits assignments in so that I can maybe finish everyone on my syllabi before the actual due dates.


Im having the worst holidays of my entire life, thus far. Mum wont stop bitching about everything. She wouldnt let me go out to see my friends, or party, or anything fun. No, I can only go out with her but hearing her talk about dad is extremely depressing. I spent a good 45 minutes crying on New Year's Eve.

Sissy, can we trade parents now?
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Dear Lavvy,
merry christmas to my bestest. i know i have been and still am the biggest brat to you but you still put up with it and i am just sooo thankful!! *hug* For LavvyCollapse )

To Tale,
and the litte times we've hung out. im looking forward to more. *kisses!* For TaleCollapse )

Dear Hermione,
this isnt a begging for forgiveness present because i did some shady things behind your back hahaha please dont get mad at me. i helped you with arithmancy, remember? thanks to being a great dormmate. For HermioneCollapse )

To Miss Mandy,
you big, big sweetheart- this is for standing up to that dumb bitch Serena but mostly for being just such a great and supportive friend to me. merry christmas and happy new year. see you at the Baddock's christmas party? love, P. for MandyCollapse )

To Demise,
merry christmas & happy new year, chick. im so glad we became friends. and i hope we can stay that way for more years to come, k? *kisses!* For DemiseCollapse )

To Sissy,
merry christmas. see you in new year's. hope dad is okay and hug him for me, yeah? For PadmaCollapse )

To mom,
merry christmas. thanks for the scarf and reminding all our relatives to attach the receipt to their gifts to me. love, liza for momCollapse )