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parvati_p's Journal

Parvati Eliza Marianne Mariscal Le'Sage Patil
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My name is Parvati Eliza Marianne Mariscal Le'Sage Patil

Or you can just call me Parvati, like my schoolmates do.

Sometimes my mother calls me "Liza"
My grandmother calls me "Eliza Marianne"
My other grandmother introduces me to people as "Marianne Patil"
My grandfathers just call me "Little Lady" heehee

I live in Edmonton, England. My parents have a country estate in that wizarding community. Sometimes we go to the South of England during the summer to live with my grandparents.

We're all pureblood wizards & witches in my family. My sister, Padma, is my twin sister & a Ravenclaw. Im in Gryffindor. That should make sense because Mother was a Ravenclaw and Father was in Gryffindor himself. My grandmother said Padma & I should have gone to Beaubaxtons like my mother did but there are so many snooty girls there I just couldn't handle it.

Hello to Lavender Brown, my best friend!! Her uncle owns a house next to ours in the South of England. It's a lovely yellow town house. Ours is a burgandy color, three stories.